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What Clients Say

What Clients Say

It was totally uplifting. The things I learned will stay with us on the rest of our life journey. I really looked at my life, my home, the way I present myself and how I parent my children. If you want to feel strong again then you should definitely do it!

Chrissy Lone Parent to Joseph and Carrie (6 &9)

I feel in control of my life now, confident in my ability to make the right choices, free of the limiting beliefs I had brought with me from my marriage. I'm more connected to my kids - they've loved being part of the work. It's really strengthened our team and brought the three of us closer together so we are all stronger individually and collectively. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Jo Lone Parent to Tom and Holly (10 & 13)

YAY, feeling proud of myself!* 22 days into the Boundaries challenge with Nina Farr and over the last couple of days I've completed the first two challenges AND filled in the workbook - all of which i've found incredibly useful. It's shifted something in me where I was feeling really stuck. Loving the bite size chunks. Challenge 3 begins tomorrow. Nina Farr thanks for your enthusiasm, your passion, your belief that we can do this, your support, your guidance, your vision. Many of your wise words/quotes will become mantras for me and i've jotted them down in the front of my diary to refer to any time i'm need of gentle reminder.THANK YOU.

Emma Lone Parent to two (8 & 9)

I joined the Cluster Mothers when I found myself with a newborn, unexpectedly single. Trying to deal with a very estranged relationship with my ex that led to a complex court case. I have found the community and support here invaluable and can't recommend it enough to any single Mama I meet. Whether it's asking for advice on the live calls, or on posts, swapping funny stories and tips with other Mammas or asking for specific help from Nina and her team - finally I've found a community where i feel supported, welcomed and understood. The other Mamas here get it - more than my friends ever could. It's also a positive online space to be in. Prior to joining, I used to stand on the outskirts of mother and baby groups. No-one knew my story or that I was scared, alone and needed help. I believed I had to be, and do, everything for my daughter on my own. Fortunately that's no longer the case and now i will proudly say I am a single parent and shout the loudest when I need help. I'm facing a new stage in life where I now share some care of my daughter with my previously abusive ex - and with that comes a lot of fuckery too. However, with the work I've done with ladies in The Cluster Mothers on Boundaries, taking care of myself and leading the parenting in my own home I am confident that I can get through that, and whatever other unexpected new shit comes my way too!

Chloe Lone Parent to Emmy (3 years old)


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