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Supporting Working Mums

Support your employees to parent through change

Life as a working parent is challenging at the best of times.

Today, becoming a parent for the first time is a transition that is well supported and understood by many organisations. But the changes that come with moving from a two-parent household to a one-parent family are much less well understood.

Supporting a parent facing enormous changes at home can feel like a big undertaking. Especially when those changes are hard to talk about, emotionally draining and traditionally viewed as intensely private.

Becoming a lone parent is every bit as life changing and bewildering as becoming a new parent for the first time. Learning how to orient yourself in a new world of multi-home child sharing is incredibly stressful. Working parents often share with me they live in constant fear of childcare arrangements failing, communication breakdowns and family law processes intruding on their ability to work.

They also tell me how important and valuable their professional identity is.

The workplace can be and oasis of normality for parents as they navigate an otherwise a turbulent sea of life changes. Not to mention the often intense pressure to maintain their income and provide for their children, as they move from a two-income home into a life with two single-income homes.

Continuing to work may make all the difference to a lone parent in transition. However, showing up and 'keeping the show on the road' don’t always go hand in hand.

So how do you help your valued staff to stay the course, and hold onto one of the most important things they and their children need – a livelihood and community that will sustain them?

Nina Farr’s coaching program can provide a lifeline in these times of change. In as little as 10 weeks, or paced gently over up to six months, Nina can walk alongside a parent making huge changes at home. Unlocking the Family Vision she needs to succeed. Helping her to access her creativity, her confidence, her courage.

Nina also offers on the spot coaching support in the form of 'Expert SOS calls', providing working parents with a brief, personalised support sessions at a fixed fee to help them gain instant clarity over their next steps. Anything related to family separation or divorce, child behaviour and development and parent/child relationship challenges can be brought to an SOS call. 

Experienced and equipped with expert knowledge and understanding about the complexities of family breakdown – from the essential legalities of divorce, through to the impact of emotional, financial or physical abuse – Nina Farr can tackle the topics hardest to talk about head on.

If you are looking for training for your HR department, would like to commission support for a valued and respected staff member, or are interested in booking Nina to address this complex issue for you as a speaker or trainer please reach out and book a conversation today. With options ranging from access to the self-study digital program, through to direct one to one support there is an approach for every budget and every parent who would benefit from the help. 



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