The loss of your partner when you share children can feel like so much more than a break up. The changes involved are greater than anything you may have faced before children were involved. The gruelling reality of parenting alone can hit like a tonne of bricks.

Realising there will be…

  • No other adult at home to support you when you have big decisions to make
  • No one to help with the children when you are at the end of your tether
  • No practical support to manage the work of running a home
  • No second parent helping you manage the impact of children needing sick days or having school commitments that clash with your professional life
  • No back up for even the simple practical challenges like popping out for milk when the kids have gone to bed

…it’s no wonder that the first few months, even the first two to three years, can feel like a huge shock to your whole way of being. 

In truth, the step into single mothering can feel like a step into the abyss. There is so much to learn about mothering alone. Alongside all the practical things you are wrapping your head around, at the same time you must learn to…

  • Work out a new calendar with your ex to share time with your children
  • Learn how to enjoy your time away from your children alone
  • Figure out how to co-parent after the messy emotions of breaking up
  • Navigate legal processes and new financial responsibilities
  • Learn who you want to become as ‘single Mum’, how this will change you as a woman, a professional, a lover, a friend
  • Discover how you will date or have sex with someone new in this strange new world of single-with-kids

If you are reeling from the change in your world, you are not alone!

There is nothing like a tribe of travelling companions to take the loneliness out of parenting alone.

Four times a year I open the doors to my group program. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn new groups of women gather to cross this new threshold together. Travelling through their Family Vision journey as a sisterhood of Single Mums.

Friendships are born that will last a lifetime, secrets are shared about how each one has learned to navigate this strange new world. Tears are shed, laughter runs through each session and heals hurts you barely believed could get better. Together a new courage and boldness is born.

There are millions of families out there just like yours. Right now, another mother is making the same changes to her life that you are today. None of you need to do this alone. The magic of women rising up to support women cannot be underestimated.

  • Be held in the love and respect of your peers
  • Check your decisions with a group of sane and supportive Sisters on your path
  • Learn how other mothers are running their homes, claiming their power and stepping boldly into leadership of their families today
  • Be accountable to a loving group of lone parents who want the best for you and your children
  • Know that you won’t be journeying on from here alone

Parenting alone is NOT lonely when you find your tribe.

If you want a space in the next season intake of the group program jump on a call with me now and talk it through. You won’t regret it!




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