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Family Vision

Family Vision: Parenting through change

Family Vision

Three times a year I open doors to Family Vision for Mothers who are parenting alone, so they can step into leadership of their beautiful families in the company of amazing peers. It's your opportunity to work through the whole journey of creating a new Family Vision as laid out in my book, 'I am the Parent Who Stayed'. My proven pathway to loving life after traumatic family breakdown.

We meet once a week over a three month period. The core content is delivered over two hours of group teaching and coaching, walking you through the stages of building you Family Vision step by step. Your journey is supported by detailed course materials, catch up recordings, a private Facebook group for conversation with each other, and regular break-out sessions hosted by me. 

Family Vision will transform the intensely private and stressful journey we each make through family breakdown, into a shared, positive experience of parenting together through challenge and change. Friendships are born that will last a lifetime, secrets are shared about how each mother is learning to navigate her strange new world. Tears are shed, laughter runs through each session and heals hurts you barely believed could get better. Together a new courage and boldness is born, it is truly magical to be part of.

Lots of Mums have told me it’s hard to work through the Family Vision topics in my book by themselves. Which is exactly why I offer the live course regularly, to guide you through the whole Family Vision programme as a part of a powerful, uplifting team of Mothers parenting through change together. You will be kept on track, focused on the process, have space to share what you are learning and the social support of a group of peers to lean into as you go. 

Family Vision is a deep exploration into who you are, how life has shaped you, what you want for yourself and your children on the cusp of this brand new chapter in your lives. I have shared a lot of stories about my own journey in my book, and those my clients shared with me. But there’s nothing quite like hearing in real time what other mums like you are doing as they craft their own Family Vision.

I am committed to tackling the loneliness and isolation felt by so many lone parents. If you are looking for a network as well as a workbook then this is the place for you. Take the leap to be part of this incredible journey, and you’ll find me there to guide, support and cheerlead you every step of the way.

The next course opens in January, 2021. You can join the waiting list by emailing me at [email protected] today.  


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