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Personal 121 Coaching

Personal 121 Coaching Tailor Made Family Vision Personal Coaching

Family breakdown knocks the stuffing out of even the most together parent, and it can take a long time to pick yourself up and dust yourself down once the painful (but purposeful) work of separation is done.

  • If you're ready to feel like a powerful, connected and competent parent again
  • If you want to define yourself by the relationships you have today, not the ones you've left behind
  • If you're fed up of your resources being split a hundred ways that do not serve you and your kids 
  • If you look into the future and can see no further than completing your divorce or separation, and want to vision a life that makes your heart come alive 
  • If you know that you and your kids deserve the best of you, not the rest of you left over from the stresses and pressures of daily life

Then this programme is for you.

When you work with me we will establish a new vision for your family that is absolutely unique to you.  You'll discover ways to connect with your kids again in an electric and energetic way, even if you feel bone-tired today. 

No matter what your personal history has held - grief, abuse, loss or heartbreak - you will learn how to tell it with pride.  Noticing all the strength, learning, power and growth each chapter has unlocked.

"I was in a firefighting headspace when I began working with Nina. I was also trying to find out who I was, after leaving my toxic relationship. I'd experienced emotional abuse in my marriage which damaged my confidence in myself. Investing in myself felt like a frightening thing to do. What if it didn't work?

"My strongest recollection of my coaching was a feeling of safety. Once I got past my fear, I felt I could do anything, say anything, be anything and it would be ok. 

"A year later I can see how dramatically different I am now as a person and as a Mum. I have my confidence and my faith back. I can clearly see a way forward and a vision for the future. I love how much closer my children and I are as a result.

"I am so grateful I took that leap of faith and committed the time, money and energy to take care of myself. Creating my Family Vision really has changed everything."

Joanna, Mum to two, Family Vision gradate 2017.  

One to one coaching is the ultimate path to first imagining, then creating, a future that feels wrapped up in love, laughter and lightness for you and your children.  To get there you need to step out of the trenches of day to day living, and lift your view to the horizon instead.  What's out there for you now?  What would you love to see, achieve and pursue?

The only person whose permission you need to create this future is your own.  So stop waiting! I'm ready to help you find it.

My Personal Coaching clients have access to my entire library of courses and resources. Including Family Vision and the entire Cluster Mother community vault. Imagine having weekly access not only to me, but daily access to all the resources and experts that my membership community includes, the ability to join the Family Vision programme calls if you want to, for as long as your personal coaching continues. You will never be more supported, more equipped or surrounded by more beautiful community as this! 

Book a call today to discover how I can help you create a Family Vision that will gift you with beauty, strength, courage and confidence. I'm in your corner, and I know you can do this with a champion by your side. 




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