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Being The Parent Who Stayed...

...can be more beautiful than you ever imagined.

It's hard to be left taking care of your family all by yourself. Parenting alone in the wake of domestic violence, intense conflict or traumatic, unexpected events, makes being the Parent Who Stayed even more difficult.

You find yourself holding your shattered family together wondering what on earth you can do to find your way back to being ok again.

The amount of conflict, aggression and shame that comes with traumatic separation or divorce can absolutely floor you... and your kids.

You deserve to be happy, no matter how awful this transition has been so far. I understand, parenting alone after traumatic family breakdown can be relentless, lonely, scary and hard. But I found a way out of the darkest times... now I'd like to show you the way. 

There are moments in the first months and years of parenting alone that you will never forget. Nights spent siting on the stairs crying after the kids finally fall asleep. Days you can barely get out of bed but push on through because no-one else is going to pick up the pieces.

The days when you watch your children crumple into anger, despair and frustration and you simply don’t know what to do.

If you feel that you’re stuck in the trenches, this book is for you.

This book was written for you, if just lifting your eyes to meet the path ahead feels like putting yourself in the firing line.

I wrote it for you if you’re just about getting through the day you’re in.

It's for you if you know that life cannot change when you have no perspective, no vision, and no plan. You can figure out how to pick up all the broken pieces of your life and put them back together again.

In these pages you will discover how to parent on your own with skill, courage and artistry.

Rebuild your family from the mess and chaos of grief and anger.

Create a life more beautiful and more rewarding than you ever thought possible, for both you and your children.

Be truly proud of what you have achieved as a single parent, no matter how you arrived in this place.

I promise that if you show up and work your way through this book with commitment you will also experience a new way of living together as a family. You’ll discover a beautiful life waiting for you, where your family is whole and complete just as you are.

You will learn how to put down all your resentments, how to let go of your need to control or manipulate people, places or things, and in the journey, rediscover your joy and connection to being a parent again.

Let Leadership Coach, Author and TEDx Speaker (plus ex-lone parent to two under twos) Nina Farr show you how.

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