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Officially #AwardWinning!

my story Jul 15, 2019

About ten days ago I was Highly Commended in a National Business Awards ceremony. My category, 'Established Star' was for Mums in business for more than 4 years who have made a significant impact and who are successfully bringing their magic into the world. 

It's amazing! I am humbled, proud, emotional. I feel incredibly moved that my journey from brand new single Mum, with just determination and an idea about how to support my own kids, has grown into an international movement. I'm helping to change the conversation about parenting alone with #IamTheParentWhoStayed What an achievement! What a ride... What a buzz!

So... here's the rub. I'm also struggling to claim it. 

This is something that I want to share with you about success and progress because it's part of #mystory and I bet if you are a woman with lived experiences like mine, it could be part of your story too. 

Claiming our greatness is hard. It's hard to take up space, to step onto the stage...

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Breaking the Cycle: What I learned from the first time I stayed

Last week a client asked me the question so many victims of domestic abuse want to know the answer to - “This has already happened to me once. How do I stop it from happening again?”
I remember wanting to know the answer to that myself, when I clawed my way back from the devastation of a psychologically, emotionally, sexually and financially abusive relationship. How could I spot a guy like that coming next time? How could I learn about the red flags of an abuser so I wouldn’t be blindsided again?
What do I need to know to keep myself safe?
This article is my answer to her.
This is the story of the first time I stayed, and how what I learned from that experience has taught me how to leave.
I learned something incredibly powerful about the patterns of relationships that become abusive, and it isn’t about the patterns of abusive men.
Time after time I meet women who stay with abusive partners, and together we confront...
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