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The gift of a "Hell NO"

christmas high conflict Dec 07, 2020

It's Festive Season! Hurrah! Glitter and parties and joyful stuff everywhere! Family dinners and warmth and connection and Rudolph and big sweaters and perfectly iced cakes and open fires! 

But it's 2020 and thanks to Covid, a whole lot of that stuff isn't going to happen. To be honest, Christmas can just as easily feel like a season of arguments, stress, loneliness, disappointment, fear, cold and isolation. That was true, even before Covid. So if you don't love this time of year yet, don't beat yourself up about it - plenty of people have had sucky festive seasons in their pasts, and managed to enjoy them again. Whether any of us really get that Christmas Card holiday season experience is open to debate. But you CAN definitely have a festive season on your own terms that brings you and your children a whole lot of fun and connection - no matter what that looks like for you. 

Over the next 12 days I'll be blogging every day with a little bit of festive food for thought to...

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Family Vision: Chloe's story, slowing down for a gentle fresh start

Family Vision has been a key turning point, and honestly life changing for me and my daughter. I understand more about myself than I ever have done in the past. The impact of this has been incredible!

Family Vision has helped me to leave my past where it belongs.

Alongside that, I have learned how to proactively step into a future that I want for my family. The whole journey I went on with my group and the connections I made with other mothers have been truly positive experiences for me.

When I found Nina’s book and realised there was a course I could join my daughter and I were just starting out on our own. We were two months into living in our own home and had spent six months apart from her father.

Ending my relationship with her father had been difficult; financial support and contact arrangements were all up in the air. I felt stuck and honestly there was an undercurrent of fear in how I was feeling about what all this meant for me and the rest of my life.

I was looking...

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