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Family Vision: Chloe's story, slowing down for a gentle fresh start

Family Vision has been a key turning point, and honestly life changing for me and my daughter. I understand more about myself than I ever have done in the past. The impact of this has been incredible!

Family Vision has helped me to leave my past where it belongs.

Alongside that, I have learned how to proactively step into a future that I want for my family. The whole journey I went on with my group and the connections I made with other mothers have been truly positive experiences for me.

When I found Nina’s book and realised there was a course I could join my daughter and I were just starting out on our own. We were two months into living in our own home and had spent six months apart from her father.

Ending my relationship with her father had been difficult; financial support and contact arrangements were all up in the air. I felt stuck and honestly there was an undercurrent of fear in how I was feeling about what all this meant for me and the rest of my life.

I was looking for inspiration, some motivation and ways to take action in my own life to improve things. Really I was very focused on the ‘how’. I wanted to know ‘how’ I was actually going to move on from all the rubbish I was dealing with, how wold I be happy again? And how would I get the energy I needed to enjoy it all again?

Once we started to work together, I quickly realised that I needed to slow down and understand exactly where I was before I tried to move on. As I slowed down and took the time to truly understand myself, what I care about, what motivates me as a person and what I wanted for my daughter and I to share as a family, I found my energy naturally coming back.

My appreciation of what we share and what I value as a mother has given me focus, motivation and a spring in my step again – it helps me to keep working on building the vision for us as a family that will carry us far into the future. It’s a work in progress, but one I feel instinctively flows from knowing myself so much better.

The work of Family Vision has had a huge impact in places I didn’t expect at first. My relationships at work, with my family, my friends and work colleagues have all been impacted positively.

I feel I’ve gained knowledge, skills and practical tools to help me move forward in life.

I honestly felt like I was surfacing from the aftermath of a battle when I began. The warzone of my relationship breakdown left me feeling as if I’d been fighting all the time. I didn’t feel like my daughter and I were actually living our lives, we were simply coping and getting through another day.

Today I can see how many possibilities lie ahead.

I feel excited again for my life, and for my daughter too. I had been a little lost, eaten up by the stress and struggling with boundaries when I began. It’s not as if everything has been magically resolved in the three months it took to complete my journey with Nina, but my perspective has radically changed.

I am kinder to myself, I feel so much more positive and am able to weather the stormy days so much more easily than before. My vision for our lives is refining as time goes on. It’s becoming a really key way of framing my future with my little girl. Not only do I have all the tools I need to keep moving forwards, I have made friends who I trust and can turn to for genuinely useful and practical support.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am so glad I took the chance to join Family Vision, it’s been a truly life changing experience for me.

Do you want to feel as good as Chloe does today? Book a call with me and find out if Family Vision is right for you! - Nina Farr x

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