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Nina Farr – Leadership Coach & Mentor | TEDx Speaker | Author

Becoming a single parent can feel like one of life’s toughest challenges, particularly after a difficult separation or divorce. Especially if you’re also trying to stay on top of a successful career or business.

Let's face it - family breakdown is never fun. As our families change and significant relationships either end or change, we are forced to relinquish dreams, hopes, identities we expected to be living. When the changes are unwelcome, sudden or accompanied by trauma or loss, life can start to feel joyless, exhausting and lonely.

Far from being uncommon today, a quarter of families in the UK today are headed by a single parent. If you've found this website because it's a change you are navigating yourself or you want to support a loved one making the change, you are in good company. Resilient and courageous parents like you have made it through, we believe you can too. 


I am Nina Farr. I am an experienced Leadership Coach and Mentor, Speaker and Author; I believe that parenting is the most powerful and significant leadership role in the world. I also recognise that many women struggle to feel they can show leadership at home, especially when life at home is tough. 

I support women all around the world who are parenting alone, often in extremely challenging personal and professional circumstances. Helping them get back in the driving seat of their family journey and guide them to re-vision for their future; personally, professionally, financially and emotionally.

I am the creator of the acclaimed ‘Family Vision’ programme, an evidence informed and thoroughly researched programme designed to support women to parent with confidence and leadership, after experiencing high conflict, traumatic or abusive family breakdown.

I offer expert and personal understanding of the impact of trauma on family relationships. My gentle handling of the complexities of family breakdown have helped me to guide hundreds of women through all kinds of relationship change - including mothers in same sex families, those facing high conflict separations and women who have experienced domestic abuse – to help them to rebuild their life. 


My mission is to enable mothers to make courageous changes, to give you the support you need to navigate the transition into single parenthood. Then to build even stronger foundations for a happy family life and continued professional success. Working with me is filled with energy, a lot of laughter, a sense of positivity and fun into an otherwise daunting period in any mother's life.

I am a former Journalist, Author of 'I Am The Parent Who Stayed' which serves as a manual for stepping into parenting alone. I also contribute articles for leading parenting magazines including Juno, Mums&Tots and the Primary Times and Psychologies. I have given a TEDx Talk on empowering lone parent families.


I am known for my direct but gentle style of coaching, combining expert knowledge with a caring approach, a wicked sense of humour and just the right amount of challenge. You can expect me to broach topics that are often felt to be intensely private and personal in a safe and supportive way. 

I work with both the private and public sector. I have enjoyed a supportive research partnership with the University of Exeter and have contributed to academic publications with my research partner, Dr Vashti Berry.

I hold a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy, am qualified in the Solihull Parenting Approach, 'Here's Looking At You, Baby' attachment parenting approach and practice ongoing CPD in the field of trauma informed practice, domestic violence training and safeguarding.

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