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About Me


Hi, I'm Nina.  I'm a Leadership Coach for women who parent alone.  I work with families just like yours - and just like mine.

Parenting through change is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever experience.  I know just how intense and relentless the journey to lone parenting can be.  My own experience and that of my clients have one thing in common: we don't know what we're capable of, until we try.

In the past seven years I've met parents from all walks of life taking their first steps along this path - and some who have been parenting alone a very long time, but have lost their way.  Many feel isolated on their journey but the reality is over a quarter of families in the UK today are headed by a single parent.

I wrote my program, 'Family Vision' and my book, 'I am the Parent Who Stayed' based on my own experiences as a new lone mother, and the experiences of the amazing women I have had the privilege to work with. Today I help women all over the world who want to feel powerful, competent, excited by life and joyful again. 

I know that right now, if you are looking at working with me today, you probably don't feel anything close to 'joyful' or 'powerful'. As our families change, relationships end or change, and we have to relinquish dreams, hopes, identities we expected to be living with, life can feel joyless, exhausting and lonely.

As your Coach, I'll show you how to take step into leadership of your family without getting overwhelmed.  Together, we'll figure out how to tap into your personal resources and strengthen the relationships that matter as you go.  We'll approach the work with humour and energy - and a great deal of get up and go!

Family breakdown isn't fun.  As things change, you and your children will experience all kinds of emotions and express them in very personal ways.  I'll be with you as you learn to understand how each of you is feeling, and help you bridge any skills or confidence gaps you may have.

As your Coach, I'm committed to helping you find the joy, the fun and the laughter that lightens up your load as a parent.  Through working with me, you will have the opportunity to see yourself with new eyes.  Full of potential and looking forward to life, whatever it may bring.

Look through my site and discover how creating a new Vision for your Family can change your life today. 

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