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Welcome! I am Nina Farr

The Lone Parent Coach – Author of ‘I am the Parent Who Stayed’ and the Family Vision program for women who parent alone.

Welcome to the home of tailor made coaching for women who want to overcome the overwhelm of parenting alone. 

Women who want to raise happy, resilient kids while they set themselves up for future career, relationship and family success.


I'm so happy you're here. Before we begin: 

Choosing to work with a Coach is a big decision. If you're here and looking for support with your family transition, I know it's not a decision you are making lightly. Knowing where to put your resources of time, energy and money can feel like a big risk. I want to help you make the best decision you can for you and your family. I have carefully designed pathways of support for women at all stages of family breakdown, taking into account how much time, energy and financial resource you may have available to you. 
If you aren't sure what you can afford to invest, or how you can make the most of the options available here please do book a call with me to talk it through with me HERE. Our first call is always free, we will use the time to get clear on what your needs are and what your goals are going forward. I am committed to you making progress in the best way for you, I will never charge you for taking the time to work out what you need. 
Working with me will take you on a journey of self-discovery that allows you to meet yourself with compassion no matter how messy things may be right now. You will learn how to establish healthy boundaries and discover how to take radical responsibility for the next chapter of your life. It's a privilege to walk with you as you journey towards this inner freedom, as well as outer calm. 
We all need to know someone is in our corner right now, my commitment to you is to be 100% here in yours. In all cases working with me will also give you access to my amazing community of Mothers who are parenting through change. The uplifting and hilarious, challenging and kind, beautiful Cluster Mothers bring you friendship to carry you alongside the focus I will provide for you. Together we are stronger, and we look forward to welcoming you!

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Family breakdown is tough.

It can be draining: financially, emotionally and physically. Click here to find out how I can help:

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This is how I can help

I am Nina Farr, qualified and experienced Leadership Coach for women who parent alone. Women just like you, and just like me. I’ve been coaching women who parent alone for seven years.

I’ve written an internationally acclaimed book about it (I am the Parent Who Stayed) and authored a coaching program called ‘Family Vision’ that has the support of a prestigious UK University and has won sponsorship and support from Big Lottery, national charities. But most importantly – is loved by women who are parenting alone.

My community The Cluster Mothers provides world class legal, coaching, wellbeing and therapeutic support to women parenting through change. 

My passion is helping women to re-connect with the fire inside them that family breakdown so often snuffs out with sadness, loss and the weight of responsibility. There is nothing I love more than seeing a mother find her light again, joyfully connect with her children again, and start to see her way forward into a bright, bold and unashamedly BIG future for herself again.

One where financial, emotional and relationship success are all on the table again – without sacrificing any of her dreams for her children.

My mission is to make sure parenting alone isn’t lonely. By supporting women individually and collectively to build networks and communities that help our families to thrive.

I have a range of tailor made options for working with me, to suit every lifestyle, budget and time commitment.

Unlike many parenting coaches, we won’t focus on your children’s needs or behaviour first – we will start with you. Meeting your needs, connecting with your dreams, goals and desires. Placing these motivating forces at the front and in the centre of your parenting approach.

Parenting through change and trauma is tough. Your relationships will be under pressure, and this will show up with your children as well as your Ex, and wider networks.

You'll be moving through powerful emotions as we work together and there will be tender space held for your process. But this isn’t relationship therapy or counselling, at the heart of our work we will be building from where you are now and looking ahead.

We won’t focus our time on making sense of how you got here, unless it’s to help us figure out exactly where you are going. But there will be time and opportunity to understand your story - the building blocks of how your childhood, adolescence and adulthood have created your reality now. 

It's important to commit to getting to know yourself, to be willing to honestly show up for what comes next. When you do, working with me is a road map to stepping into parenting deeply connected with the Mum you want to be, the family life you want to experience, and the personal and professional life you are still passionate about building alongside.

Are you ready?

Let's get started.


Get to know me first: A peek at me sharing my passion for leadership and positive lone parenting.

"I feel in control of my life now, confident in my ability to make the right choices, free of the limiting beliefs I had brought with me from my marriage. I'm more connected to my kids - they've loved being part of the work. It's really strengthened our team and brought the three of us closer together so we are all stronger individually and collectively. I can't recommend it highly enough. "

Lone Parent to Tom and Holly (10 & 13)

"It was totally uplifting. The things I learned will stay with us on the rest of our life journey. I really looked at my life, my home, the way I present myself and how I parent my children. If you want to feel strong again then you should definitely do it! "

Lone Parent to Joseph and Carrie (6 &9)

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Discover stories about families just like yours, and mine! 

The parents I work with are doing amazing things. Alongside raising families, they are building businesses, campaigning and more. Come and read their stories on my blog. I also blog about my own life, family and journey as a lone parent of three. 

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