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Nina Farr

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Nina Farr Leadership Coaching for Positive Lone Parents

Welcome! I’m Nina Farr.

I’m a leadership coach working with parents who are raising their families alone.

I’m here to empower, challenge and inspire parents just like you, who have experienced traumatic family breakdown. Parents who despite experiencing challenges as broad as relentless conflict, trauma, domestic violence and abuse, are still inspired to live connected and vibrant lives.

Parents who are ready to step into their role as strong and visionary leaders of their families.

My mission is to support you in navigating the challenge of your family changing shape. To deeply connect with your own skills, gifts and talents while unlocking your natural leadership potential.

I believe there is no better person in the world to love and support your children through change than you, and you have everything you need to do the job well!

Bold, adventurous, resilient parents raise children who are ready to explore this amazing world we all belong to. Are you ready to show them the way? Then step on in…

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Are you the Parent Who Stayed?

Discover a proven pathway to falling in love with parenting alone after experiences of traumatic family breakdown, conflict, domestic violence or abuse.

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My Book

1-2-1 Coaching tailor made for you

Work with me for ten weeks, and watch your family life transform.

With full access to me, my vault of coaching resources and weekly bespoke coaching sessions you could be standing on the threshold of a brand new life in as little as three months time. 

Discover what your life is like without limits or fear. 

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Masterclass Magic

Join an exclusive group of women embracing the joys, challenges, trials and triumphs of parenting their children through transitional times. 

My 10 month, group coaching programme includes monthly meet-up calls and a luxury weekend away.

Shake off any limiting beliefs about lone parents being lonely and join us for a year filled with adventure, challenge and fun! 

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Get to know me first: A peek at me sharing my passion for leadership and positive lone parenting.

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Isolation is a thing of the past when you join my single, lone and step parents community online. Be part of a buzzing and friendly tribe today! 

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Discover stories about families just like yours 

The parents I work with are doing amazing things. Alongside raising families, they are building businesses, campaigning and more. Come and read about our stories on my blog


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